Welcome to SuccessSpaces

We are a connection group, not a “networking group.” Joining this group will help grow deep and rewarding connections with like-minded business owners committed to your success. One byproduct naturally will be to expand your network, and in that sense we are a “networking” group. However, the goal of Success Spaces is to provide so much more. We’re out to build an international community and alliance among small business owners who share one value in common: They want all small businesses succeed, not just their own. We foster connections and relationship building, share valuable information and insights, — create supportive spaces for you to get “real” help for your business so you can grow and thrive.


Our Minneapolis meetup (www.meetup.com/successspaces) gathers every 6 weeks or so for valuable information-sharing and mini-masterminding (visit meetup's site and click on a meeting to see the full agenda).

Full Memberships coming Soon...

During our launch we are offering free enrollment saving hundreds!

For our subscribed members we host a coach-supported extended monthly mastermind group as well as several regular coaching call "spaces."  These include: 

  • The Industry space (eg.  participation restricted to insiders such as all online retailers, or medical billing professionals, or artists, etc.)
  • The Issue Space (e.g. hiring employees, bringing idea to market, finding co-founders, etc.)
  • Ask the Coach Space (open-ended access to ask a premier coach you question and get coached in front of the group of other listeners who probably have the same question/issues)
  • 20/20 Space (Get unstuck by committing to a 20minute of work session in parallel with others working on their own stuck matters during that time -- we add light coaching to the mix, but mostly the value here is declaring clear intentions for the next 20, going and doing that, and coming back after time is up and sharing your experience with the group).

Learn more

There is much more to learn about what we're building. If you want more information about memberships or wish to offer your time/talent to help us build an organization offering "real" support for small businesses, contact us using the contact form on this site.