Let's Do Real Estate!!!

The REI Working Group intends to accelerate your success by creating a space for collaboration and peer support. 

This is a working group, which means we come help peers check things off their to do list and break through barriers.  This can include:

  • Thinking through specific problems
  • Analyzing deals
  • Sharing leads & resources
  • Vetting future joint venture partners and investors

Cost of Admission: 

Provide 1 Accomplishment Declaration or pay $10 (first meeting is free, and I’ll explain the rules on the Accomplishment Declaration at the meeting)

To be effective, we need people who are actively doing deals and making offers.  Newbies are excluded at this time. If there is enough interest, I will start a newbie group separate from the REI Working Group.



Sign up

  1. I’m an active Investor or I’m a newbie investor
  2. What part of your real estate business do you hope to accelerate
  3. We are meeting the 2nd and 4th week each month; which day and time is best?

Videos About Success


About Success

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Life Coach Carole Ann - What is success and how do we achieve it?

3:46 3.5 /5.0

Interview with Michael Gerber, entrepreneurship guru, author & coach




Success Stories




Small Business Success Story: Bread Euphoria Cafe

TerraCycle Recycling & Upcycling



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Why network when you can CONNECT!  

We foster connections to make relationship-building in business fun and easy. Through those relationships you can share valuable information and insights, share business leads and get “real” help you need to can grow and thrive in your business.

Boost Your Reach with Business Matchmaking 

  • Not just passing referrals - personal introductory meetings instead
  • Not just 30 second commercial frenzy - Sit down with 4 to 9 people and really connect for an hour or two
  • Meet only who you want to meet.  
  • Completely confidential profiles

How it Works

As a Participant

Just fill out the confidential profile and wait for someone to contact you with an invitation.  Mind you, they cannot get your info unless they meet YOUR criteria.  You can accept or decline the invitation as you see fit.  If so, enjoy the company of a small group of entrepreneurs or advisers for an hour or two.  We even supply the host with proposed agendas & topics, so you're never left without enriching conversation.     

As a Meetup Member

Our in-person meetups are attended by select members of the business community (specifically, business owners and experienced business professionals). Attendees can initiate and pitch a "Jumble-up"  to the group.  A Jumble-up is a meeting over lunch, coffee clutch, game, event, happy hour, etc. that takes place outside of the meetup.   Other meetup attendees then respond in private if they want to join in and co-host.  The host and co-hosts decide venue & details. And, each host invites one other person to join - specifically, somebody who is a good match for other the co-hosts. Their guest is either someone they already know, or someone from our confidential master list.    


Get Involved

Offer your time/talent to help us build an organization offering "real" support for small businesses.  If interested, contact us using the contact form on this site.